Keen to be Green

We started the ‘Keen to be Green’ initiative because although KGA have always given back to the community through charity work, we wanted to give back to the planet too. 

Our dedicated team is focused on looking at all aspects of the business and ways in which we can collectively be kinder to the environment. 

Our initial objectives are to take small steps into becoming a cleaner, greener company both in and outside of the office.

Distribution and Packaging

We looked at how we were packing and sending products from our warehouse to retail partners, press and influencers. We saw an opportunity to be greener by:

  • Swapping our branded bags to branded recyclable boxes
  • Ensuring our inner packaging materials are recyclable using either recycled shredded cardboard or biodegradable loose fill
  • Working with our warehouse to return boxes and inner packaging to reuse for future product send outs

Paper Usage

We looked at the amount of paper being used and printed daily by the company. By educating employees on the effects of excessive paper use we are aiming to reduce our paper use by 50%.

We have now implemented digital systems for POs, holiday and sickness forms and expenses. The company uses only recycled paper and only prints when necessary, opting to share information digitally instead.


Visual Merchandising

Our Design and Visual Merchandising department always endeavours to implement designs that reduce the environmental impact of the project. Their goal is to build promotional fixtures that can be re-used; and shop-fits that can be rebranded and used for several years.  

All materials specified in our projects are from sustainable sources and where possible, we use recycled materials. We only use FSC certified timber and make our purchases from local suppliers. We also practice sustainable manufacturing processes – to eliminate waste and ensure the most efficient fabrication methods. All transportation and installation is carefully planned to ensure multiple installations are collated into geographical areas, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of each project.

Plastic Usage

We looked at our use of plastics within Head Office. Via our digital newsletter, we ensured employees were educated on the damage single use plastic can have on the environment. As a company, we encouraged the use of refillable bottles and coffee cups in the office, with accessible filtered water dispensers housed on each floor.

Employees are also encouraged to bring in food items from home in reusable packaging rather than opting to purchase those housed in single use plastic.