Selfridges Cartier & Bulgari Personalized Counters

Launching in time for Christmas, Cartier and Bulgari introduced personalized counter spaces in Selfridges London. The production of these sites was closely aligned with Selfridges’ Project Earth and KGA’s Keen To Be Green programs. Both constructions were developed with recycled acrylic, natural fibre wallpaper, eco-friendly marble-effect tiles, and Forest Stewardship Council MDF. 

Not only were these counters a testament to Selfridges’ and KGA’s sustainability mandates, but they were also functional and eye catching for the Selfridges’ customer.

The Cartier sites featured sampling across the pillar fragrances and Les Epures collection. The counter displays were created to allow flexibility in changing the monthly collection focus. For example, December focused on Christmas Coffrets, La Panthere Collection and Pasha Collection. The clever design means very few new materials are needed for KGA’s consultants to reconfigure the space for a new month’s objectives and KCPs. Lastly, the Cartier fountains and branded wrapping materials were available and allowed for a theatrical customer gifting experience.

Bulgari added interactivity with the use of a tablet on site. This tablet was programmed with a presentation that allowed KGA’s consultants to assist customers with discovering Bulgari fragrances in a unique and interactive way. A pull-out gifting table was integrated into the counter and allowed customers to receive the luxury wrapping experience that Bulgari is known for.

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